The Parallel Universes

When you think about ‘The Parallel Universes’, there are too many things that cross our thoughts, and most of them must be about the supermassive black hole, multiuniverses, string theory and the list goes on. To be honest I don’t sit and ponder on quantum physics nor am I a huge fan of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy (but the idea about a ‘Towel’ is the most mind boggling thing I have ever read)

My thoughts on ‘The Parallel Universes’ are slightly closer to how Heenashree Khandelwal writes in ‘Soul mate by chance’ -“Imagination is the parallel universe of a writer. If he is not responding to you in this world, he is probably responding to someone in the imaginary world.”

Is it a feeling like going through a vortex leading us into the other life that we lead or is it a time capsule that we hop onto to land in a whole different era. I think we might just be going through both, in reality and in our imagination.

The Vortex- Its like shuttling to our workplace or going home for a vacation or even a runaway trip to the mountains that we all take once a year. The common factor in all this is that we have a set routine for ourselves to make things easier, unknowingly we all have planned out. We change ourselves to what suits that surrounding and carefully choose our story on what to say or what not to say about this whole other life we are leading. In some way we are all accountable for these lives we live, to ourselves and to others.

The Time machine- I once had to sit through for a dinner meeting in a very fine restaurant. I didn’t concentrate much on the food but at the end they served this banana soufflé for dessert. The moment I had a spoon of it, I went back in time, to that small girl who used to run into the store after school to pick up that banana popsicle and suck it to finish it off before I reached the front door of my house. I felt all my senses back there in that time, I felt like that eleven year old whose major treat for that day was the banana popsicle. I savoured those five minutes that took me back in time, small pleasures in life!

The other life- For sure there must be different answers and opinions to why we this happens to become a way of life for us, here goes mine- it’s one life that we live for others and the other which we live for ourselves, cause yes we humans love ourselves too much. This lifelong search for love for oneself and happiness has led us to create a different plane of existence. Believe it or not these two different worlds that we create is real. We breathe, eat, sleep and have different priorities for each day. We even selectively choose whom to interact with and whom to cut of that list in our social circles. And to add, I think we all try to strike a balance in these lives we live. These worlds that we have created in this universe of ours, we go through it back and fro to create this balance. This is how we pick up ourselves and learn how to lead a more sustainable life.

I am sure those who don’t have a place to run away to, imagines up their universe, the one they could’ve been or will possibly be living in, if you ask me where? Go to a school and look at those kids in a classroom. Look at that one slumped in his chair elbows on the desk pressing his chin into the most comfortable cushion of his palm, the tilted head. Have you wondered if it isn’t his ADD and may be he isn’t daydreaming, he is in the process of building his own world where he will want to live in. There will always be that vortex that he will cross every now and then to bring a balance to his life. Cause happiness is not the only thing people seek in their lives.