I did not change in one day …

No, I did not change in one day. I changed over time. And in that time period some people were part of it, some were the cause and effects of it, some provided that push and some walked along the path. But I know I’m changing each day. It’s like an incremental change.

So here I go on to blabber more on how change can never stop. I cannot believe in fresh starts. If you ask me why its cause I love what that change brings into my life. I know I can face my contingencies with a smirk on my face.

Most of us know the outcome to changing is the upward moving learning curve. I agree some stones can be slippery and we would slip and hit rock bottom but that is when something happens, form there you evolve. You pat yourself and get up make those small tweaks then just walk ahead not walk away. We are like butterflies with many lives. Soo beautiful, always fluttering around finding new things discovering, empowering ourselves each day.

It’s my point of view; I would rather be ever changing than live a corpse. I think its new revolutionary thought but simple addition to common sense to some people who say “owhh! Look she changed, how can she… she was  a ….”Yes, you are all free beings  to judge, but I’m just putting my point out there, into the universe… Let people change if not what is there to life.


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