The beach ….

The beach ….

Standing at the beach, watching the tide wash in on my feet, I take a deep breath in and push it out .I felt like I was inhaling the soul of the beach …‘it feels like heaven’. I felt like a child once again, drawing circles on the sand and looking at  it  being washed away, having a conversation; I could hear them ,those silent whispers looking away again into the far blue sea.Trying to divert my thoughts I started counting the tiny and large waves coming in.
The waves pulled up to the shore each time stronger and fiercer than the previous one. Trying to draw my letter on that white sand again and again, all in vain, later finding it being washed away. Sara waved at me from the sea, she yelled out and gestured with a smile beaming on her face, “Take picture!! Take picture!!” mischief and innocence ,I thought, the two things we should never be robbed off .It helps us to know that we are here to learn, like they say you should
learn from your mistakes and not build on them …not to forget to live life while on the path striving for perfection.

I was lost deep in my thoughts, I forgot that she was again yelling in the background jumping at the incoming waves asking me to click a picture. Suddenly, it struck me that I had slipped my cell into my pocket and the waves had washed up my trousers. I had tried to fold it so as to not get it wet but the waves grew larger by the passing of time and it
seemed useless. I took my cell switched to the screen tapped on the camera and clicked few random pictures of her.

Lovi was standing far away from the waves. She had a little frown on her face .Oh my! The wrinkles of worry on her forehead .She was shouting out to Sara not to go out into the water too far .She feared water not because she was phobic but she felt the need to believe in the bad demons in the sea that could swallow you into it in seconds .She turned to
look at me and I smiled back. I walked upto her, she pulled out my pack handing It over to me. I pulled one stick out, lit it with a match stick, it felt just right. Standing there looking into the deep blue sea washing up on the shore wanted to engrave this moment in my mental album, this was just worth the whole travel I thought to myself.

As the waves grew bigger I found myself looking closely at the fisher men trying to get the boat into the sea so as the spread the
net out in the water. It didn’t look easy at all. But they did their job so close and fast and got back to the shore. I took the last drag of my cigarette; we were running out of time .We had to reach back pack up for the return. I discarded it into the waves that washed up my feet, once more, leaving a smile in the air.

Sara came running back and she quickly started the bike and I hopped onto the back .I turned back and gave a one last glance, now that! Was my picture .A
memory I will never want to forget. I tried to stop myself from thinking so much and joined Sara in singing along with her rhythm .Speeding off back into real life.


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