A broken puzzle.

A broken puzzle.

She stood there by the balcony looking far into the start skies. Tears rolling down her cheeks.Her hands wrapped around her warming herself against the cold draft. “it’s not the end of the world” shilpa had told her before they left. Those word’s kept ringing in her head. Conflicting statements ,rewinding and playing again and again in her head like a taperecorder gone wrong. For the first time she knew the pain of loosing someone. Her head went
numb.All she knew was that she was in pain.
And if she never got out of this she would never live to see another day. Everybody told her “you’re strong!you will get through this” . Reminding herself how string she wasn’t ,how fragile she was ,how aimless life had become. Her body dropped down on the cold tile ,she held her knee tight and cried. All she asked herself is “how did I get here?where did I go wrong ?why me ?”
She cried out loud inside ,nobody
heard,till her wrist bled out…


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